2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R 10-Speed Automatic Transmission Detailed and Exterior Colors Leaked


The Raptor Connection returns with more information about Ford’s upcoming F-150 Raptor R, starting with eight exterior colors. Agate Black opens the list, followed by Carbonized Gray, Oxford White, Iconic Silver, Avalanche, Code Orange, Rapid Red Tri-Coat, and Azure Gray Tri-Coat.
Codenamed P702, the Raptor R features the 10R80 automatic transmission rather than a dual-clutch setup. Many outlets were betting on the TR-9070 of the Shelby GT500 because of the 5.2-liter supercharged V8 engine, but as mentioned on many occasions here on autoevolution, the dual-clutch box isn’t compatible with four-wheel-drive applications. The 10R80 was the obvious choice from day one, but nonetheless, it’s not your usual 10R80.

“The Raptor R transmission builds on the strong foundation of the F-150 heavy-duty payload transmission,” which is a bit pretentious because the F-150 isn’t a heavy-duty truck and the 10R80 of the F-150 isn’t a heavy-duty transmission. Its name refers to 10 forward ratios, rear- and four-wheel-drive applications, as well as 800 Nm (590 pound-feet) of torque.

How does the Raptor R transmission differ from the 10R80 used in lesser F-150 trucks? For starters, the Ford Motor Company has fitted a heavy-duty rear output assembly with PTFE washers. A four-pinion gear carrier also needs to be highlighted. As for the front end, we’re dealing with a 260-millimeter torque converter that flaunts a heavy-duty turbine damper.

The final piece of the puzzle is – of course – the software. “New unique transmission calibration with advanced powertrain control software” has been confirmed. Ford waxes lyrical with “the fastest-ever 10-speed shifting,” exceeding the shift times of the 10L90 in the Camaro ZL1.

Already teased with 37-inch rubber boots and the unmistakable sound of a supercharger whining on top of a V8, the Raptor R is packing in excess of 700 horsepower. We don’t know the actual output figures at press time, but in any case, Ford’s dune-bashing truck has to prove itself against the Ram 1500 TRX. As a brief refresher, the 6.2-liter Hellcat cranks out 702 ponies and 650 pound-feet (881 Nm) whereas the 5.2-liter Predator in the Shelby GT500 is rocking 760 horsepower and 625 pound-feet (847 Nm).




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Interesting information on the transmission. I was really hoping we would see Grabber Blue as a color option. Looks like the Azure Gray TriCoat could be close to the area 51 color?