Bronco Raptor vs TRX driving impressions


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Jun 7, 2021
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I know it's not a direct comparison between an F150 Raptor R and a Ram TRX, but I have a feeling that the suspension and handling of the Bronco Raptor will be similar to the driving experience in the Raptor R. For one, the Bronco Raptor isn't a whole lot lighter than the Raptor R (5,730 lbs vs 6,000 lbs). I really like my TRX and it has taken everything I have thrown at it in stride. The first thing I noticed right off the bat between my TRX and newly arrived Bronco Raptor, is how much lighter the Bronco Raptor feels in the turns. The Bronco Raptor hides its weight really well and the body roll isn't nearly as noticeable as it is in the TRX. The TRX does weigh in at a hefty 6,440 lbs +/- and it feels every bit of that weight. The TRX's weight is positive in some respects but more on that later. Even though the Bronco Raptor has 37-inch tires versus 35-inch tires on the TRX, it handles like it's on much smaller tires. The turn-in is fantastic on the Bronco Raptor and it makes you want to throw it into the turns. The Bronco Raptor is more fun on twisty backroads than a lot of "sports cars" I've driven.

The digital dash on the Bronco Raptor is great and I love how it switches to all-black with white gauges in Sport mode. Paddle shifting in Bronco Raptor in Sport mode is a blast! The shifts are very quick, the rev-matched downshifts are fun and the exhaust note gets amplified by the valved exhaust system. The Recaro seats in the Bronco Raptor are more comfortable than the TRX seats and they seem to hold you better as well. All and all, the Bronco Raptor is a blast to drive on-road and it's not just a dedicated off-roader!

There is a lot to love about the Ram TRX as well. The engine is the obvious answer over the Bronco Raptor, but this is more of a comparison of what the Raptor R and Bronco Raptor share as Ford Performance vehicles. The interior is definitely a major plus on the TRX. All of the surfaces feel great and just about every panel is wrapped in leather and or suede. One of the best features I like about the TRX is the heads-up display. For the price that Ford is charging I can't believe they don't offer it with their luxury package. Speaking of price, the TRX is the big winner here. I picked up my 2022 Ram TRX with the Level 2 equipment group for about $90k. The Raptor R I have on order comes in at $111k plus a $15k ADM. That's a massive price difference for a truck that is hard to distinguish from its 37-inch tire-equipped little brother.

The TRX is a very comfortable truck and the family loves it for road trips. This is where the weight is a positive for me. I like my family truck to feel solid and safe, and also be able to tow a nice enclosed trailer, car hauler, or boat. Before the TRX I had a 2018 Roush F150 with a 5.0L V8 and a Whipple Supercharger. That truck was a blast to drive and loved running from stoplight to stoplight. The all-aluminum body and 10-speed transmission made it way faster than it should be for an everyday four-door pickup truck. The downside to this high-strung lightweight truck was that it was not happy towing at highway speeds and it was always searching to be in the right gear. The TRX feels more like a heavy-duty truck and tows like a freight train. The 8-speed transmission rarely shifts with a load at high speeds and there is little to no sway. This is where I feel like the TRX shines because it does everything well (even when it comes to drinking fuel!).

In conclusion, I think all of these vehicles are fantastic and we are lucky that we have options like these. I think the Raptor R will be a riot to drive and will be as precise and sharp as a scalpel. If money is not a concern and you want a truck to hoon around in, then I think the Raptor R will be your Huckleberry. If you want a unique-looking truck with the brute force of a meat cleaver, then the TRX is your Bill the Butcher.

Bronco Raptor Pros
Valved Exhaust

Ram TRX Pros
Heads-up display
Unique exterior

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