Problems with Raptor R


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Mar 23, 2023
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Austin, TX
Three issues with my Raptor R so far. I have 2100 miles on it. Upon delivery the AC evaporator didn't work which resulted in no airflow after a short period of time. Ford replaced the evaporator. Cool. But they have to remove and reinstall most of the dash to do this. Since delivery the truck also suffered from a annoying rattle from the exhaust. I had a gen 3 with the same issue. Good video on YouTube shows the issue and fix. Apparently some springs in the exhaust valve control are junk and ford has created a fix. Will be going back to dealer soon. And finally, so far, I did lose function of the R button. Again good YouTube video on this one where the guy disconnected the negative terminal on the battery for a short time which corrected the issue. Same result for me after performing same process. Luckily no oil leak as others reported, that's got to be completely aggravating. Fingers crossed I don't have the same problem.