Whipple Supercharger Upgrade kit coming for the Ford Raptor R


The 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R will officially be revealed on July 18th, 2022. Just a few days before the announcement, Whipple is already touting a supercharger upgrade kit. Here's the description from their website:

If you're craving more power from your Raptor R, Whipple has the answer. Get the industries latest, most efficient twin-screw supercharger available today. The new Whipple 3.8L Gen5 can produce incredible power levels well into the 2000+HP range in race applications. The revolutionary new 3.8L Gen5 supercharger features the all new 3/4 asymetrical rotor design and new housing for incredible power gains. The all new system comes with a massive 132mm roval throttle body and an all new 145mm cold air intake system, allowing for massive power levels.

The new Whipple system features an all new patented dual core, dual pass intercooler design that has over twice the volume of the stock, undersized intercooler core. The dual core system features dual inlet, dual outlet to further increase cooling capacity vs the stock single inlet/outlet intercooler.

Each Whipple system comes with a billet idler plate and billet idler pulleys, intercooler vent system, premade molded hoses, -8AN billet fuel rails, 1/2" fuel hose, SC belt and all the necessary hardware for an easy installation.

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Jun 7, 2021
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I love the Whipple Supercharger on my 5.0L Coyote motor so I can only imagine how amazing this upgrade will be!